Creative Journaling Tutorial

Materials: Notebook (I use the Piccadilly Essential Large Notebook) Black Pen (I use the Rolling Ball Precise V5) Glue stick Old Magazines Washi Tape or Colorful Duct Tape Colored Pencils, Markers, and/or Gel Pens Here is my go-to method for fast and easy, creative journaling. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite tea, some […]

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3 Types of Journals to Keep!

Art journaling in my creative notebook. Visual notebook. Creative sketchbook. Creative journaling. Creative notebook. Ephemera. Magazine clippings. Daily planner. Creative Planner. Inner Critic. Journaling prompts.

Are you a lover of notebooks and journals?  Do you have some creative way of documenting your life? Maybe you scrapbook or have a colorful planner? Or you just like doodling on notepads or coloring with your kids. What about looking at other people’s sketchbooks and journals–finding inspiration on the how-to of keeping a visual […]

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It’s been far too long….

Life has been crazy!  I had a beautiful baby boy, 7 months ago.  That would explain why I haven’t had the time to post.  Taking care of a newborn and adjusting to everything is quiet exhausting but very fun and exciting at the same time.  Baby Jax is sleeping well through the night now, which […]

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