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March Journaling Prompt

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This month’s journal prompt is inspired by listening to your heart and following your intuition.  I came across two amazing artists, Flora Bowley and Alena Hennessy, that paint intuitively.  They inspired me to grab my paints and do a little intuitive painting myself.

Smooshing around whatever color of paint interests you in the moment is a liberating way to create art.  There is no mistakes.  It’s so forgiving.  You simply add layer upon layer until something grabs your attention and guides you in another direction.

There’s nothing more calming and freeing than letting the paint take you where it wants to take you.  It’s a playful process much like how children create art.   They don’t worry about the end product or if their artwork will be worthy of hanging in the house.  They simply grab what appeals to them in the moment.  Let’s free our inner child and start intuitively expressing ourselves through painting.

This month, I encourage you to join me and give intuitive painting a try.  If you don’t have paints, use markers or crayons.  Try whatever art supplies you have on hand, even if it’s just basic office supplies.  The idea is to let go and have fun!

I offer these prompts as inspiration to feed your creative spirit!  Even if you don’t paint do a little creative journaling using colorful pens this month!

“And when your heart knows, it knows.  There’s no explaining it.  You can only trust it.”  –The Better Man Project
“That thing we call intuition?  It’s your soul.  You can trust it.”  –unknown
“Stop telling yourself you don’t know what to do.  Yes, you do.  Listen to your intuition and trust yourself.”  –Katherine Sullivan
“You have the Answer.  Just get quiet enough to hear it.”  –Pat Obuchowski
“There is a voice that doesn’t use words.  Listen.”  –Rumi
“The things I listen to do not speak.”  –Dru Anthony
“Intuition literally means learning from within.  Most of us were not taught how to use this sense, but all of us know well that “gut” feeling.  Learn to trust your inner feeling and it will become stronger.  Avoid going against your better judgement or getting talked into things that just don’t feel right.”  –Doe Zantamata

Have fun, let go and enjoy the process!  Please sure your creative creations with me in the comments!



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