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Trendovy was founded by Jamie Johnson in 2007 in Arizona, however it did not launch as a website until 2014. Known for her creativity and precision, Jamie owns and operates Trendovy. Her jewelry is largely “statement” pieces and are 100% unique. She designs each product and handcrafts each piece individually.

Trendovy (which means “In Style” in Turkish) is family owned and operated out of Colorado. The site was launched to specialize in handcrafted jewelry at affordable prices as store front prices continue to rise. We strive to make unique and handcrafted jewelry available to anyone worldwide while still making it affordable.

Beyond jewelry, Trendovy’s mission is to motivate women and encourage them to be creative on a daily basis.  Jamie loves all things creative, especially writing and collaging in her “creative notebook”.  She hopes to inspire others with her journaling process, make a positive difference, and encourage women to achieve their creative business goals!

In Jamie’s spare time she loves snuggling with her baby boy Jax, art journaling, pottery, spending time with her two dogs (Mookie and Zulu) and doing art projects with her adorable niece. Jamie was recently married in 2014 to her husband Chris who helps run the “businessy stuff” at Trendovy such as shipping, marketing and web design.

Please contact us with any inquiries about custom orders at

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