November Journaling Prompts!

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It’s that time again!  Journaling Prompt time.  I am going to do something a little different this month.  I’m feeling the urge to change it up a bit.  This month I am going to focus on QUOTES.  I will provide a different quote for each day of the month and I want you to write […]

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How to Throw an Amazing Lion King Party! The DIY Way!

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  My baby boy just turned O-N-E! And it has been the year of Hakuna Matata!  I might as well say all things Lion King are his jam!  When Jax turned 8 months old I knew I had to throw him a Lion King party for his first birthday.  To my surprise there really wasn’t much […]

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October Journaling Prompts!

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Wow! I can’t believe it’s almost October! September has been a little crazy because my son turned O-N-E this month and I threw a big Lion King party.  I made all of the decorations myself.  It seems that Lion King is a thing of the 90’s because there really isn’t much out there nowadays.  I […]

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September Journaling Prompts!

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Summer is coming to a close.  And I have more journaling prompts for you!  Have fun with these prompts!  Add colorful splashes to your page with markers, gel pens, and doodles!  Pick and choose the prompts you like or simply go down the list in order. 1.  What are your thoughts on intuition? 2. What […]

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Setting Up Your Bullet Journal (How I Set Up Mine)

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Have you heard of Bullet Journaling?  It is all the rage among list makers and planner keepers!  Bullet Journaling is a personalized planner for goal-setting, list making, memory keeping and tracking your day-to-day activities in a fun, colorful way. I came across Bullet Journaling a few years ago but never really understood it and thought […]

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Facing your Inner Critic–My Creative Journaling Process

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How do you face the blank page of your notebook?  Do you tackle it with ease and start writing right away?  Or does your inner critic kick in making you worry about perfection and fill you with self-doubt?  Maybe that loud pesky voice urges you to create a master piece, so you don’t start at […]

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August Journaling Prompts!

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Hello! It’s that time again….more journaling prompts!  List 25 qualities you love about yourself.  What year has been your best so far?   How do you spend your time resting?   What does abundance look like to you?  List 15 things that would make you feel abundant.  How do you spend your summer months?  What […]

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July Journaling Prompts!

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It’s that time again! More journaling prompts. Hope you enjoyed last month’s journaling prompts! Here is a list of prompts for each day of the month of July.  Feel free to journal each day using these prompts or pick and choose when you feel inspired to write.  Enjoy! List all the qualities you love about […]

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June is almost here! YaY! I love summer! I’m creating a new journal series. I’ll post a list of monthly journaling prompts for each day of the month, probably a day or two before the month begins.  Feel free to print these prompts and glue them inside your journal! Have fun with markers and colorful […]

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