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December Journaling Prompts!

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Hello Lovies!  I can’t believe it’s almost December already!  For this month of journaling I’ve provided a word or two for you to journal about.  Write whatever comes to your mind first.  Have fun free-writing and brain dumping!  Maybe write the word in HUGE bubble letters with splashes of color first.  Then grab your favorite pen and begin jotting down your stories and ideas.  Have fun!

  1.  Grace
  2.  Intimidating
  3.  Focus
  4.  Fearless
  5.  Inspire
  6.  Cherish
  7.  Giving
  8.   Children
  9.   Awkward
  10.   Lesson Learned
  11.   Dating
  12.   Bliss
  13.   Beautiful
  14.   Cruel
  15.   Secrets
  16.   Gossip
  17.   Romance
  18.   Journey
  19.   Adventure
  20.   Summer Morning
  21.   Holidays
  22.   Family
  23.   Free time
  24.   Courageous
  25.   Past Relationships
  26.   Unspoken
  27.   Wandering
  28.   Hurtful
  29.   Hope
  30.   Travel
  31.   New Beginnings

If you enjoy the word prompt inspiration you can even collect words and phrases from magazines to use as journal prompts!  Be sure to check out my blog post on organizing your magazine clippings–I have a section about collecting words and phrases!  Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the Season!

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