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Fun in the Studio

It’s always fun rummaging through my jewelry supplies, finding hidden treasures and creating something new.  Right now I am inspired by the boho look.  I’m loving the look of leather and pyrite together.


Usually when I make a piece of jewelry, I start with an idea of what I want and let it playout during the “creation process”.  I tweak the piece of jewelry as I make it and continue to tweak it until I like it.  This usually includes stringing beads together, taking beads on and off, putting it on and looking in the mirror numerous times.

When I began making the “Charming” necklace I originally thought I wanted to make a beaded lariat necklace with pyrite gemstones, metallic titanium quartz crystals, a purple turquoise nugget and a bone horn pendant.  After I put the purple turquoise nugget on the necklace I didn’t like it.  So I took it apart and grabbed the white howlite turquoise nugget instead.  That I liked!

I strung half of the necklace and debated whether or not to add leather.  I went back and forth on this idea for a few minutes.  Luckily, I had a piece of braided leather laying on my worktable from the previous day to experiment with.  I ran to the mirror and put the braid next to the half strung necklace to see if I liked the combo.  I liked it but thought it needed a little something extra, that’s when I decided to add the antique chain. And there you have it!  The “Charming” necklace!



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