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The “Elegance” Collection is here!

Yay! The “Elegance” Collection is finally here.  I’m super excited about this line because it’s your everyday jewelry.  The pieces in this collection feature “finer” metals like 14k gold filled charms, 14k gold filled chains, and beautiful gems!  It’s at the early stages right now but I will probably add some sterling silver pieces in as well.  For now, I am loving the look of gold jewelry and I’m running with that.

I got the idea of the “Elegance” line when talking to my sister, Whitney, one night.  She likes the simple, beautiful things in life instead of the gaudy, bold statement pieces.  So I thought hmmmm…..I should create a jewelry collection that is a little bit more elegant and simple.  My hope for this collection line is that the pieces can be worn everyday with any outfit.  Wear the pieces alone or layer them together–minimal layering!




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