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Creativity Daily!

I’m feeling the need for some daily creativity! I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO SOMETHING CREATIVE TODAY! It can be anything……bake Halloween cookies, doodle in a notebook, getting your acrylic paints and finishing an old art piece! Anything you want that makes you feel creative!

Here are some pictures of some art journaling pages I’ve done in the past to spark a little creativity in you!

In the first three pictures below, I used homemade glimmer mist with stencils and stamps on watercolor paper.  Using Glimmer Mist spray with stencils is a very easy and fast way to get cool backgrounds for your journal pages. If you are interested in learning how to make glimmer mist spray there are tons of great youtube tutorials on how to make them.  Some make Glimmer Mist using acrylic paint, water, and alcohol while others use the edible food coloring gel and water technique.  I would try both and see what you prefer.  I personally, like the edible food coloring gel with water technique best because it doesn’t get gunky and clog the spray nozzle over time.  You can even add some shimmery eye shadow to the mix too!




In the next four journal pages, I used Teesha Moore’s journal style as inspiration.  It’s a very fun collaging technique. She has a great youtube tutorial on how to make a homemade journal book and explains her journaling collage technique. It’s a very good Art Journaling tutorial!





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