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How Séduire Came to Be!

I love notes. I love taking notes. I love creative notebooks. I love looking back at old notes. Basically, what I’m saying is….I LOVE writing down my ideas in a creative way. I think it’s important to write down your ideas because you never know when you may need to refer to them. Plus, it’s fun to see what you were thinking years later.


When I came across these OLD notes I got all excited—they’re probably about 5 years old—and they’re the early stages of the Séduire line. I remember writing them and how I first came up with the idea “Séduire”. I was sitting in Barnes & Noble reading a silly book about how French woman get men. I can’t remember the name of the book but that doesn’t really matter. It was basically about French women being sexy and seductive—they always dress up, wear make-up, have their hair done even when they are cleaning their house, they are mysterious and confident, etc. etc.

Somewhere in the book it mentioned “Séduire: to seduce” in French. I thought perfect! What a sexy name for one of my jewelry lines. And that is how Séduire came to be.

When I think of “Séduire” I think sexy, edgy, bold, and confident. A woman that isn’t afraid to be fashion-forward and make a statement. To me, “Séduire” is kind of like your alter ego—the superwoman in you. My alter ego comes out when I’m feeling extra saucy! Maybe I’m wearing my colored hair extensions, extra high pumps, a leopard mink jacket and some fishnets. Not quite your “classy” French woman, but a girl that is fun and loves testing the boundaries of fashion.

Here is a new necklace I made for the Séduire collection. It’s called “Rock ‘n Roll!” This kind of reminds me of the ‘80’s lightning bolt. It’s Fabulous with a capital F! It will spice up any outfit. Pair it with a black leather bomber jacket and some saucy pumps!


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