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Beautiful Feathers

The Adore collection line is all about love. What do you love? When you think of the word “love” what comes to mind? For me love and inspiration go hand in hand. I love feeling inspired. I love all things creative. And I love finding inspiration through art journaling and collecting meaningful ephemera—or in this case, when my husband gives me keepsakes to add to my ever-growing inspiration board.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, my husband loves to run. He runs every day, rain or snow, he runs. Every so often if I’m lucky, he returns with a beautiful feather. He tells me, “add this to your collection of inspiration….I know you’ll do something creative with it!” Of course, I add all these cute little findings to my collection and save them for the right moment.

Sometimes I create pieces of jewelry centered on these findings. I came up with the necklace “Light as a Feather” because of these beautiful feathers.


How do you find inspiration in the little things in life? Do you keep an inspiration board or a “treasure” box full of inspiring items? With love and inspiration on my mind, I’d like to challenge you to creating something artistic today. It can be anything. All I ask is that you incorporate the theme love. Here is an example of my artistic challenge in action. I created an art journal page based on the word love.



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